Choosing the Correct Gear For You: Paintball Tanks

You have two types of tanks for two types of gases: C02 and HPA (High Pressure Air).

C02 and HPA (High Pressure Air). HPA can go on all guns, but these tanks are more expensive. Co2 goes on most basic open-bolt guns under $200.00. Usually Tippmanns and Spyders.

C02 will get you more shots, but C02 is also  inconsistent from shot to shot. The reason being is C02 compress, it wants to turn into ice. It can change from a solid to a liquid to a gas.These changes affect the shot. 

When using C02 under 50 degrees you will usually create a gas cloud, which will obscure your view, but also give people a target to shoot at and through.

HPA creates no cloud. It has very little moisture so each shot is consistent. It will also not corrupt or destroy the electronic in your closed bolt guns.

Tanks come in multiple sizes and weights.

When choosing an HPA Tank, Which can run you from $55.95 to $229.95, its best to chose your gun first. Once you have made your gun choice, we can put a range of tanks on it to find out which gives you the best balance and shot count,

Tank extenders ($19.95) will add ¾ of an inch to the length of your set up. Dusty swears bty his. This usually helps out people with longer arms.

Tank covers are important to stabilize the tank on our shoulder. A bare tank will have more tendency to slip and slide. The tank cover will also help protect the tank.

Fill Nipple Covers ($2,95 Rubber or $8.95 Metal) are important to keep dirt and grime out of your tank. It will extend the life of your tank reg and prevent dirty air getting into your gun.

Thread savers ($4.95)  protect your tank threads when the tank is not attached to your gun.