Choosing the Correct Gear For You: Paintball Goggles

How to Choose a Mask

Choosing the correct mask is the most important item you will purchase.

If you cannot see, it will not matter how good a gun you have.

Each face is different, so just because your friends love a certain brand, it does not mean that their choice should be yours.

Invest in a Thermal lens goggle. Thermal lenses aid in neutralizing the temperature, which helps prevent fogging. All of our goggles, starting with the Empire Helex at $44.95, have thermal lenses.

“If you can purchase a thermal lens goggle for $44.95, why do the prices climb as high as $209.95 for Push United google.”

Excellent question. The answer is color and lens selection, comfort, style, strap, and the little extras. For example,the Empire Helix only comes in Olive or black and three or four lens colors.

The United Push Googles offer a wide range of colors, including limited edition designs. United Push is also the only google that allows you to adjust how the nose fits your face. Plus, the little extra, this google comes with its own google case — a $30.00 value.

When trying on a goggle, you want a snug fit. When you exhale, you do not want to feel your breath reach your eyes, If it does, it means the google is not fitting the form of your face.

Also, when trying on goggles, shake your head, do a few paintball moves to see how it conforms to your face while in motion. You don’t want to pick a google that you are always adjusting on the field.


In my opinion Dye I-5 ($189.95) and theVio Contour II ($174.95)  have the best straps. The Vio Contour II has a nice wide strap that offers more surface area on the back of the head. This offers greater stability,

The Dye I-5 has a GSR Pro Strap that is an even wider strap that includes Gear Lock, knob which allows you to get a nice tight fit.

With standard straps, Dusty suggests wearing them higher on the head to create down pressure, which creates greater stability.


 A few brands allow the use of fans. This includes JT and Vio goggle systems. 


Some brands will offer eight or more lens tones. 

Dusty and I  prefer a clear or yellow lens. They offer the most visible light..

In bright sun, some players prefer a variation of smoke, blue, red, orange or some combination of these colors. There are also HD lenses that can give you sharpened vision.

If you want to use a darker lens, I usually ask people “what lens color do you choose when you use sunglasses.” Choose the color you feel comfortable wearing.

I once tried wearing a red lens. Big mistake. I had no sense of balance and my equilibrium felt off and I had no sense of distance.