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The Premiere Paintball Marker
DLX Luxe X

X-Core Bolt System

Featuring a multi-stage core the X-Core offers a significant increase in efficiency, a reduction of maintenance and delivers the smooth shot that has defined the Luxe® series of markers.

Ice-Coated Friction System

The ICE Friction System ensures that all moving components operate with minimal friction and very little maintenance. The extreme hardness of the ICE coating prevents scratches and damage from debris.

Pro-Lock Frame System

Inspired by professional player feedback, the Pro-Lock frame allows the player to fully remove their grip-frame without tools and utilizes an uncompromising locking system to prevent accidental removal.

Freak XL Barrel System

The Freak XL is the latest generation of the world-renowned interchangeable bore barrel system. Custom milled and styled for the Luxe® X, it is the last barrel you will ever need.
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General Manager

Danny Cort

ProShop Manager

Dusty Cort

As my first time in the shop. And a newbie just getting into the sport. The staff were super friendly, extremely helpful and ready and willing to explain and answer any questions I had. The inventory is incredible and neatly displayed. I will be returning to purchase higher end gear once I begin playing more!
Great selection of equipment and super knowledgeable staff! Answer all my questions and took their time with me. Highly recommend.
Geramy Wong
Best pro shop in the 3 states I've been "Texas, California, Washington" can get you whatever gear want and knowledgeable on any marker
Jesse Cobarrubias